People Camping in an SUV

One of the biggest annoyances of spending time in a parked car is the mosquitoes and other insects 🕷 that seem determined to invade. I recently purchased an SUV tent for a month long cross-country road trip I am planning. It works great but having the windows open for extra ventilation would definitely be more comfortable. Not to mention, some nights we may just want to sleep in the car without setting up the tent.

Sleeping in the car is not too bad but if you roll the windows down bugs and other scary creatures will make their way in. If only the car windows had screens like the windows in our houses! This is where I got the idea for car window screens. Although I know there are some out there you can buy, I have decided to create my own DIY Car Window Screens for my SUV.

The Plan for the Screens

Believe it or not, I actually had a roll of screen and some strips of magnets laying around the house. At first, my plan was to sew the magnets into a pocket all the way the edges of the screen so that it would stick on the outside of the door. Thinking my plan over further while looking at some of the designs out there, I decided that sewing the magnet into all 4 edges of the screen would not be the best idea.

I was afraid that the wind may end up blowing the screen off of the car. So, this will be the new plan. I will be attaching the magnetic strips to the bottom edge of the screens. The top and sides of the screen will then wrap around the outside of the car window and tie on the inside so that it will be held in place by the car door when it is shut.


  • Fiberglass Screen Mesh
  • Roll of Magnetic Strip
  • Paracord or other type of cord
  • Sewing Kit: needle, thread , scissors
  • Measuring Tape

How much is this going to cost?

Assuming you already have some of the materials such as needle, thread, scissors and a measuring tape, this project should be pretty cost friendly to make.

59″ x 106″ DIY Custom Fiberglass Screen Mesh, Anti Mosquito Bug Insect Screen for Windows$13.99
Magnetic Strip – 1/2 Inch x 10 Feet Magnetic Tape$10.97
550lb Paracord Parachute Cord 100ft (Purple(26))$7.99

Step-By-Step Instructions for DIY Car Window Screens

Measure the Windows

Step 1: Measure just a little over the width of the window for the length of your magnetic strip. Then measure the sides and top of the door. Add + 7 inches to each.

Cut out the Material

Step 2: Whenever I am cutting out material for a sewing project, I always make sure to cut more than I think I will need. Remember, you can take more away but you can’t add it back.

Sew the Magnetic Strip into the Bottom

Step 3: Place the magnet on bottom of the screen. Fold the material over the magnet. Then use your needle and thread to sew up the pocket you just created.

Sew Paracord into the Outside Edges of the Remaining Fabric

Step 4: Cut two long pieces of paracord. Lay one on each side around the edge of the screen. Fold the material over the cord to form a pocket. When making the pockets, make sure you leave an opening at the top and bottom on both sides for the strings to come out.

***Note: I made the comment earlier about leaving extra material when you are cutting. Well, I still ended up with not enough fabric at the top. Because I always seem to mess up the measurements. If you are good at measurements, you will be fine. But, if you are an airhead like me and mess up…don’t throw it away, you can fix it!

I sewed some felt onto the top portion of the screen to make it longer. It works just as well, and is probably actually better!

Try out Your New Window Screens

Step 5: Okay, so maybe this really only takes 4 steps to make. But what’s the point of making it if you’re not going to use it? Right?

Are you Giving Up on Trying to Make this Easy DIY Project?

You could take the easy way out & buy one of the following options below. Although, these are going to cost you more than making your own.